About Us

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We Build Character

Limepit Productions is an time Emmy nominated full service production company, specializing in film and TV development, production, editing, graphics, and music. Founded by writer/directors Bill Brennenstuhl and Paul Stenerson, Limepit believes in the development of character to tell the story.  Whether the project is commercials, web content, dramas or comedies, Limepit utilizes excellent storytelling from script to deliverables on-time, everytime.


Bill Brennenstuhl


After a long career as a Berklee College of Music trained world class session drummer, Bill refocused his professional goals into film making in 2010. He is a multi Emmy nominated Director, Nichols top 30 Screenwriter and co-founder of Limepit Productions.


Paul Stenerson


Paul attended Boston University and is a graduate of the School of Communications with a concentration in Film and Television. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002. For the past two decades he has worked on various projects in several aspects of film making, and is a multi Emmy nominated director and co-owner of LimePit Productions.

dalen limepit

Dalen Muster

Director of Photography

In 1985 Dalen started shooting 35mm photography as a hobbyist. By 2004 he took an interest in in cinematography, and by 2010 moved to Los Angeles to further expand his experience in film making. Limepit Productions took him on in 2013 as director of photography for the production of Modern Music and he has worked with them on several projects since then.